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jeff 12 years ago
been crankin to her since 7nth grade
Cody 2 days ago
My girlfriend eats my cum on a regular daily basis. Sometimes i wanna cum on her but she’s down there swallowing it up. I’m not complaining, it’s great. 10% of her diet is literally cum. Just thought I’d share.
Unknown 1 year ago
She takes very good facials but she doesn’t seem to like eating cum.
naruto 6 years ago
Fuck yes! Drown that whore!
nerdtroll 12 years ago
cum makes ur teeth white buddy go try it
big dick 12 years ago
i'd cum on her tits
Assman2008 12 years ago
WTF is happening at the end? editor had a stroke while trying to put in last scene ha!
Assman2008 12 years ago
dam in first two shots look at all those dam fillings! have is teeth other is... well... fillings!DAM cum rots ur teeth i guess
Wercik 13 years ago
Sha always makes the same face, that's fuckin' hilarious:).
John 13 years ago
A beautiful girl with cum on her face. Wonderful.