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Yeah baby 2 years ago
Like churning butter lol
Totally bullshit... 1 year ago
Fake as hell... amish chics just dont come out on their rumspringa and answer ads in newspapers for sex, they stick together and party together so they can watch each others backs... then when they get back from rumspringa, then they chooose if they want to stay in or leave the community...
love his dick 1 year ago
dont care bout here but that dick is so fucking juicxy i just wanna take care of it
1 year ago
Your right to a point but one was caught giveing truck drivers bj at the royal farms she got sent away yo another state
11 months ago
Congratulations for poisoning her mind
Fake af 8 months ago
Bro do they really think amish people don't know what zippers are. They aren't living in the stone age
Yno 10 months ago
They have the same ugly face
1 month ago
Amish woman are good at jacking off guys
Thank god 11 months ago
i thought the girl was a guy.
CARINHOSO 1 year ago
Acaricia esta Estátua.