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bukkakelover 5 years ago
very nice bukkake technique of ejaculating on forehead and letting it drip down over the nose and into the eyes :)
Selena 5 years ago
I had a messy bukkake once. My husband and me were invited to orgy with a company of friends of our friens, so new for us. And they had a tradition to make bukkake to woman in her first participation! Of course, we had very great group fuck in advance, really great. And after... I don't know exactly how many loads were done to me, very many; my tits, neck, shoulders and even stomach were spermed allover, and I did few swallows to take new and new loads (t.b.c.).
Semendemon 1 year ago
WOW Abigail Johnson is one of the best and youngest porn stars out there and she really looks good with all that cum all over her face l found a video where Abigail swallows multiple loads of cum and l must say it’s breathtaking to watch
Selena 5 years ago
(cont.) Finally my husband made his sperm load to my vagina, and I did public creampie to a plate. This creampie was gamed in lottery between other participating women, and winner made public lick and swallow it. But I didn't see - my eyes were under sperm. It required some efforts to collect sperm from all surface, including ears and hair, to wipe it (to eat it all was not realistic!) and to return my outlook to conditions I could proceed to home. Unforgettable!...
Babo 1 year ago
Are they speaking in Spanish?
Tommy 1 year ago
That was good, she is hot!
10 months ago
She is so sexy and all those cocks are so small. There shouldn’t be a cock in porn under nine inches.
8 months ago
Fucking sexy
Cvry god 1 year ago
Achopaz 3 years ago
Why tf yall just cum on her face? How tf you guys dont bang her?