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3 years ago
I'm not even Christian but I believe that we should keep religions out of this shit
Fuck this slut 2 years ago
Not a Christian but this was some stupid shit.
Reshad 3 years ago
I’m not a Christian but this was so bad you guys shouldn’t do that shit with religion, and by the way you’re bitch
Ashar ANWAR 2 years ago
this is very bad you have cross using wrong
2 years ago
This in not a Fucking place to bring religion into! Bitch, I will fuck the kivjng shit outta you, slit your throat, collect your blood in a glass bottle, cut your body up into small fragments, boil your meat and eat while drink your blood.
fuck 1 year ago
I am not cristian,but this is shi*
Hshaja 2 years ago
You are perverted and mentally ill.
Not yo business 3 years ago
Thats fucked up y’all can’t do that
2 years ago
Good girl
daddy 11 months ago
im not christian but fuck nonbelievers