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Julz 3 years ago
Tf did i just watch i'm Not Even horny anymore just fuckin disturbed
Adam 3 years ago
I seen the title and had to check it out.
Jack 2 years ago
Just bought a doll on EarthErotic now I just need to find a girl on tinder
The cuminator 3 years ago
What the fuck bro hahahhahahha
Adam 3 years ago
Ok im back. Shits weird as fuck.
Kam 2 years ago
What's the real ones name?
22 savage 3 years ago
This made me feel not to bad about my purchase I didn't buy the whole doll cause it's kinda pricey but I did get a torso and the maintenance on that thing is kinda tuff but it let's you know what your getting into if you wanted a whole doll
nakiyiah 2 years ago
mmm so sexy
2 years ago
If I came home and my wife was making out with that doll I would cum in my pants.
Paige 2 years ago
First of all what fucking porn star gets a tattoo of a owl on them?