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3 years ago
69 mins. Lol
Critic 6 years ago
The actress didn't die, her feet and the box that was supposedly taken out from under her when she "died" was actually still supporting her at the end (which is why the video stopped before her feet were seen, they were still on the box). It was all good acting. As for Supergirl, I doubt she could be ended so easily... :)
Superman 7 years ago
Beautiful sexy girl! Perfect video!! Vinny you're just an ugly, greasy, Italian little prick. Go eat pasta or some shit you jersey shore twat.
3 years ago
I wish
geezerpussy 7 years ago
Master 8 years ago
No, she did not die. She is alive and well doing more videos. Have a great day Nora. Glad you liked the video. Perhaps you may wish to experience similar scene, and have video made of it.
Nora 9 years ago
Did she die
Nice 9 years ago
amazing orgasm at 39:20
Silas88 9 years ago
Nice tape.
VinnyB 11 years ago
Kinda old and ugly for supergirl. real boney and saggy body too.