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Kdns 2 years ago
Shes a porn actress AND a commentator???
Ikonickum 1 year ago
Imagine all those people on her face lol a whole generation LOL
Sex 2 years ago
And that's how you get pink eye
Sexy cute Blonde Babe 2 years ago
I heard that sperm helps get rid of acne and that it's good for your skin and if you smear it all over your face and rub it in real good like lotion it will leave you with a soft, smooth, shiny and clear face so ladies if you don't have access to acne products just let your boyfriend CUM on your face.
ADVICE for WOMEN 1 year ago
This scene is more in the nature of a 'Training Video' for ALL wives & girlfriends. Do as she does for your man and he will never leave you...EVER ! - if however, you DON'T, your man will look elsewhere and he WILL find a woman out there who loves anal and cum facials. It's your choice !
Impressive 2 years ago
I feel like she did an amazing job in this video (not just in sexual appeal, but in overall handling of the video)
Jacksoffalot 2 years ago
She is so fucking beautiful.
Haha 1 year ago
This bitch is crazy
the name of the girl 2 years ago
the name of the girl
Ded 2 years ago
Woah nice cock