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pewdiepie 9 months ago
why tf is homeboy vloggin lmao
Sigh 1 year ago
Damn, wish I could read and understand Spanish so I could join the comment section.
But on the other hand 1 year ago
She’s got a nice butt but those boobs looking too fake
Ola 1 year ago
Toy sad
4 months ago
Someone give this man an Oscar award for the best content and funny ash
Tony Montana 1 year ago
You're so beautiful with that big ass booty.
9 months ago
Best video I’ve seen in a while
Amok 2 months ago
Honestly kinda like the vlog it shows that he’s a good guy and not just some horny dude he’s so happy
BEM THE POET 1 year ago
Workin hardy babi
Ugly 2 months ago
Whatever ran into her face messed up her fake b00bs.